Monday, 23 January 2017

Step outline

Scene 1 - Space  10s
The Alien wakes up from stasis to find her ship damaged and descending towards a nearby planet. Alarms are ringing and the ship is grumbling.

Scene 2 - Crash  15s
The ship plummets through the atmosphere as the alien tries to steer towards land. (I am not sure if I want the Alien to do it, or she blacked out and the ship does it for her) The screen goes black as it impacts the ground.

Scene 3 - Death  25s
The Alien staggers out of the ship, coughing from the smoke leaking out from the console. Turning around she notices a large gash in the ship’s side. She comforts the dying spacecraft as it uses its last moments to eject it’s “egg” (A clone of the ship’s organic half, stored in stasis in some form of egg. This is normally hatched when the original nears the end of its lifespan)
After the ship dies the Alien holds the egg.

Scene 4 - Gathering supplies  10s
The Alien unattaching the machinery from the dead ship and piling it together. Then collecting wood and long grass.

Scene 5 - Make shelter  10s
Constructing a shelter to provide shade from the sun.

Scene 6 - Fishing  5s
The alien is standing in the water looking for fish. After a second or two she darts forward catching one. Maybe a later shot of her walking back up the beach with a few.

Scene 7 - Fire  15s
As it gets darker a storm rolls in. The Alien rushes to cover the egg and protect it from the cold. As it starts noticeably shivering She runs off and drags over the ship’s battery and by sparking some wires near the wood she builds a fire.

Scene 8 - Night time 5s
End the day with a wide shot of the island camp with the fire dying down.

Scene 9 - Morning 20s
The alien wakes up to the sound of the egg cracking. As she kneels down beside it, the egg breaks down the middle, revealing a creature very similar to the ship but much smaller. The scene fades to black as the alien picks up the tiny ship.

Maya texturing tutorials

Monday, 16 January 2017

Simple script exercise from Friday. Sorry for the horrible formatting but Blogger hates PDFs


An alien in her organic pet like ship crashes on a desert island. After the ship dies the Alien must protect it's "backup", until it hatches and they can both escape the island together.

Again the wording of this could change but I think I'll stick with this story if I can.

The premise of my story

A stranded alien has lost her best friend and must care for it's child until they can escape.

I'll probably think of a better version of this but here it is for now.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Relevant words for soundscape pictures

Just a collection of my thoughts as I first got the pictures.

Life drawing 09/01/17

Story ideas

1) Spaceship crashes on desert island and alien has to care for egg until it hatches.
2) Same as 1, but the ship was organic and the egg grows into a new ship.
3) Alien explorer goes to desert island, finds the egg and tries to take it back for study.
4) The whole island is a Kraken egg and starts to hatch when the alien sets foot on it.
5) A cartoonish story where an alien finds an egg tries to break it open in various ways.
6) An alien on the run has fled to a desert island with the egg

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Character, setting and prop of story


Desert island


Off the top of my head I'm thinking of a story where an alien is marooned on a desert island and has to take care of an egg until it hatches. However there are other possibilities so i'll wait until I've got at least a few developed ideas before going down one route.

Soundscape Images

Monday, 9 January 2017

Camera panning task

Old Alley task

Still a bit grainy but I feel this is a good replica of the example. I would like it to be darker, however I could not do that without loosing some of the specularity.

Organic modeling task

Unfortunately I cannot finish this as I have an issue opening certain windows in Maya. I wanted to post it as I can't find a work around and it's a decent work in progress.